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Sod Farm

A healthy lawn can bring many benefits to the environment. Just like trees and other plants, grass enhances and provide nutrients and oxygen. What you may not have known is that sod plays a major role in the control of our climate and can build a defense against erosion of the soil. Each lawn has the potential to supply enough oxygen for a family of four!

Sunny Slope Sod Farm, LLC aims to provide the community with top quality grass matched with unbeatable customer service. From Kentucky Bluegrass to Turfgrass, we farm high quality sod that will exceed your expectations of a healthy and beautiful lawn. If you are in need of a stunning lawn, give us a call for more details!

Turf Grass Producers

All successful lawns begin somewhere. The most successful lawns begin at Sunny Slope Sod Farm, LLC! We bring the freshest and healthiest turf to you and make your lawn look stunning and green! Turf is not held together by roots, it is a surface layer. This dense growth of grass is perfect for areas with frequent climate change and high levels of activity, such as sports.

We can produce the grass you need at a price you will love. Trust the experts here at Sunny Slope for all for your turf grass needs and call us for recommendations, estimates, and any other assistance you may need to choose the perfect grass for you!

Sod Laying Services

When you don't hire a professional to farm your grass, your lawn can easily go from sod to sad. Here at Sunny Slope Sod Farm, we specialize in all things grass! We will take all the steps to ensure that your lawn is as healthy as ever.

Not only will we farm and deliver your lawn, we will provide you with our top quality sod laying services. Don't struggle trying to figure out how your grass should be placed. We will do it for you in no time at all and ensure that your lawn thrives in its new environment! Call us today to set up a sod laying service and a speedy delivery!

Sod Delivery

Not every body had the time and equipment available to haul a full lawn of grass to their front yard. That's why the experts in turf are here to assist you! When you order with us, you have the option to have the turf, grass, or sod delivered right to your home or business.

This allows you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the grass once we install it for you! Call for more information on hassle free and quality sod delivery. We will have our friendly representatives out in no time to provide you with a healthy lawn that you will love.

Kentucky Bluegrass Producers

One of the most common and sought-after lawns are filled with luscious Kentucky Bluegrass. When given proper care and treatment, the look of your grass is one out of a catalog. Although, Kentucky Bluegrass requires a high level of maintenance and attention, the results are more rewarding than you could imagine!

Kentucky Bluegrass is perfect for a variety of weather conditions. Whether you live around hot or cold climate, it will tolerate the change in temperatures and remain strong and vibrant all year long. We strive to provide you with the most wonderful turf in the business. If you have any more questions on the value of our Kentucky Bluegrass, give us a call and we will gladly answer any questions you may have.

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